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Join our upcoming FIRST Online Seminar on Fracture-Related Infections (FRI) in May 2021!
In the Online Seminar on Management of Fracture-Related Infection (FRI) basic and advanced algorithms for successful bone infection management will be presented, interpreted and critically discussed. The content of Pocket Guides and relevant literature will be reviewed. An interdisciplinary team … Continue reading →
Special Online Seminar on Implant-Infections in Megaprosthesis on 21st April 2021!
The PRO-IMPLANT special seminars focus on selected advanced topics involving most complex implant-associated infections. In this Online Seminar, key factors for successful management of infections involving Megaprosthesis will be presented by an interdisciplinary faculty. Practical tips for your daily practice … Continue reading →
Strong in a team: Partner for the management of implant-associated infections in Orthopedics and Trauma surgery
Heraeus Medical offers quick and easy access to PRO-IMPLANT Foundation’s consultation services Better availability of expert advice on the treatment of complex septic complications Interdisciplinary recommendations on treatment concept within 24 hours Heraeus Medical and the PRO-IMPLANT Foundation combine their … Continue reading →

Key activities

Our passion is supporting research, education, global networking and treatment of patients with implant and surgical infections.

Supporting Research. Coming Soon!
We are committed to highlight the role of biofilms and implant infections by supporting innovative and independent, preclinical and clinical research projects. Particular fields of interest are novel diagnostic techniques biomarkers for infection, biofilm-active antibiotics, multiresistant pathogens, bacteriophage treatment and more.
Our various formats of educational events (workshops, symposia and conferences, online events) aim to support learning, teaching, networking and disseminating the latest evidence, knowledge and innovative ideas in the management of implant and surgical infections among healthcare professionals.
Global Networking. Coming Soon!
Connect globally – act locally! We connect you in a worldwide network of experts, so we can together share, advance, and practice best medical care to our patients. Various exchange programs are designed to connect and support knowledge transfer, including observerships, discussion forums and fellowships.
Clinical Decision Tools
Two useful and easily accessible clinical decision tools were developed to assist your daily clinical practice. The Pocket Guides (as paper, PDF and soon App) are designed to provide general recommendations for most clinical situations. The interactive online Consultation Portal enables patient-adapted, individualized interactive recommendations through our interdisciplinary experts.

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Meet, discuss and exchange experience virtually with world’s leading experts in the field of periprosthetic infections – interdisciplinary advanced online seminars

03 March - 07 April 2021

Online Seminar on Management of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI)


The Online Seminar on The Management of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) provides the most recent information about successful management of prosthetic joint infections. An interdisciplinary team of world’s leading experts will share with you their longstanding experience and practical approach about prevention, diagnosis and combined surgical and antibiotic treatment. The seminar is a mixture of overview lectures, E-learning tools, case presentations, voting and moderated chat discussion.


Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrej Trampuz

Dr. Nora Renz

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rihard Trebše

Prof. Dr. Olivier Borens

Dr. Daniel Pérez Prieto

Find your next Workshop

Meet, discuss and exchange experience with world´s best experts in the field of implant and surgical infections – interdisciplinary advanced workshops

Due to current situation - No Workshops will take place in 2020

Dates for 2021 will be announced here soon!


Our on-side workshops on the Management of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) provide an up-to-date information and a practical approach to manage successfully periprosthetic joint infection. We cover prevention, diagnosis and combined (medical and surgical) treatment, with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach and efficient modern concepts. The courses are a mix of lectures by expert scientists in the domain, interactive case discussion and practical (hands-on) workshops.


PRO-IMPLANT Pocket Guides

PRO-IMPLANT Pocket Guides provide practical guidance and evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of various implant and surgical infections. Since its introduction, the Pocket Guide become one of the most popular clinical decision tools worldwide, which are regularly updated.

Consultation portal

The PRO-IMPLANT Consultation Portal is our online service to physicians for the management of complex infections involving bones, joints, or implants. International experts assist you in the interactive online chat to establish optimal diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complex infections.



The PRO-IMPLANT Foundation Consultation Portal gives our team the necessary confidence to treat even complex cases of musculoskeletal infections. The fast and above all personal support via online consultation allows us to apply the PRO-IMPLANT diagnosis and therapy algorithm, which has been clinically proven over many years, to each patient individually. On behalf of our patients: "Many thanks to the entire PRO-IMPLANT team!

Dr. Bernd Preininger

Specialist for orthopaedics and traumatology

Warmbad-Villach, Austria