Different educational events are designed to support physicians to connect globally and share their knowledge and experience. We aim to provide the best possible care and continuously improve our knowledge in the field of implant and surgical infections.
Online Seminars
Our online seminars offer the great possibility to connect even more on a global scale with all healthcare professionals in the field of implant and surgical infections.
Our on-site workshops provide a platform for healthcare professionals to meet, discuss and exchange experience face to face with world’s best experts in the field of implant and surgical infections.
The Foundation support clinical and preclinical research activities and support publication of scientific results.
Short and longer videos give you an inside of our work and treatment concepts.
We collaborate with external organizations by supporting their educational activities in the field of musculoskeletal infections.
Knowledge Base. Coming soon!
Our Knowledge Base is a comprehensive educational platform with access to interesting and complex cases to share ideas, innovative solutions and experience.