Who we are

PRO-IMPLANT Foundation is an international non-profit organization that supports medical education, scientific research and global networking in the field of implant and surgical infections.


Our mission is to develop, advance and disseminate modern interdisciplinary concepts in the management of implant and surgical infections by:

  • Organizing educational events (workshops, symposia, conferences and online seminars) to share and advance knowledge between healthcare professionals and scientists
  • Supporting innovative, cutting-edge preclinical and clinical research for better understanding, accurate diagnosis, and improved treatment of biofilm-related infections
  • Establishing an international network of interdisciplinary experts through exchange programs, fellowship stipends, observerships, and discussion forums
  • Providing useful and easily accessible clinical decision tools for daily clinical practice, including Pocket Guides (general recommendations) and Consultation Portal (patient-adapted, individualized interactive recommendations)


One of the most successful interventions in medicine, the implantation of medical devices, has improved the quality of life of many patients and at the same time increased the risk of complicated infections.

More than 20 years of clinical and research practice in the field of implant-associated infections showed Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrej Trampuz the clinical need and importance for an effective treatment concept.

The implementation of an effective concept with an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists and related disciplines in Switzerland and Charité - University Medicine Berlin resulted in an improved outcome of complex and challenging infections.

This success inspired Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrej Trampuz to establish a non-profit, industry-independent organization to educate, support and connect both, young and experienced clinicians and researchers, surgeons and non-surgeons. With passion together we strive to the best and innovative treatment plan, to fight against biofilms on medical devices, implant and surgical infections and to bridge the gap between individual specialists.

On 27th September 2013 the Senate of Berlin issued the Certificate of Appreciation (“Anerkennungsurkunde”) to a new foundation, named PRO-IMPLANT.

With Prof. Olivier Borens, MD (Lausanne) and Prof. Werner Zimmerli, MD (Basel), the first practical workshops were organized in 2014. Since then, more than 100 educational events were organized in many countries, including Berlin, Barcelona, Bratislava, Costa Rica, Brisbane, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Moscow, Vienna, Beijing, Bucharest, Hangzhou, Lisbon, Kharkov, Tokyo and Buenos Aires, Riga, Brussels.

The Foundation´s activities are funded by preforming research projects, providing professional recommendations, and organizing educational workshops.